5 star ratingI have always had great work done by Bud and Tim. Its not always fast because they are a two man shop but good work and very knowledgeable.

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Brian W.

5 star ratingStock or custom, they are your go-to.

Jerry I. Avatar
Jerry I.

5 star ratingWhat a jewel in the San Bernardino , a real Titan when it comes to plywood, moldings, stains and real wood panels .....the vast of knowledge from Tim has no price!!! He's on point and really knows his stuff , unlike the big store employees!!! This is a specialist!!! Great place , support your local businesses....,,

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Arturo C.

Wood Shop in Corona

Since 1950, the House of Plywood and Paneling has been proud to serve the Corona community. We’ve spent more than 60 years striving to source and deliver the best molding, lumber, veneers, building materials, and paneling at our locally-operated, locally-owned business. Because we promise an unbeatable selection and superior quality, we are equipped to handle all your residential, commercial, and industrial lumber needs. Come to our showroom and speak with one of our professional, experienced staff members – it would be an honor to provide you with top-quality wood for whatever project you have in mind!

Our Products


Molding is a type of wood trim that may be used to convert and modernize windows, shelves, ceilings, baseboards, and a variety of other areas and objects in your house. Available in a wide array of wood types, colors, grades, and species, molding can be stained, varnished, or painted to complement your project or your home. It can be tough to choose the right molding in Corona, but we’ll walk you through the process and make sure you find the perfect molding for any project. We have country, modern, traditional, and Victorian molding, as well as the following:

MDF Molding

Cherry Molding

Finger Joint Molding

Pine Molding

Oak Molding

And so much more!


Paneling is a timeless, fashionable, and lovely method to add texture and beauty to any wall. Available in many different materials, paneling is a smart and lovely way to update any space. When you’re considering paneling in Corona, you should come to the local wood store that carries every type of paneling in the market – and the House of Plywood and Paneling fits the bill. Whether you plan to use the paneling in your mobile home or entryway, on your backsplash or ceiling, or you want to paint or stain your paneling for a unique project, our experts will gladly assist you in selecting a product that fits your specific budget and taste.

We carry:

Mobile Home Wall Paneling

Beadboard Wall Paneling

Decorative Wall Paneling

Pre-Finished Paneling

RV Ceiling Paneling

And more!


Many people are surprised to learn that wood veneer is manufactured from actual lumber that has been shaved into slices. It comes in a variety of grades, colors, thicknesses, textures, and wood kinds, ranging from ordinary to exotic. Often used in architectural applications, cabinetry, and furniture, wood veneer is stable, warm, and beautiful. It’s also a cost-effective way to add genuine wood to your project, which means you get the same high-quality appearance of real wood at a much lower price point. Nobody in the region has a more diverse assortment of wood veneer solutions.

We offer:



American Walnut

American Maple



European Oak

And more!


Plywood is an engineered wood made of multiple “plies” that are glued together to create an economical, versatile, and stable material. Plywood is a low-cost material that is often utilized in a number of applications, including construction, furniture, storage, fencing, DIY projects, and more. Because plywood comes in a number of ratings, sizes, and grades, our wood shop is knowledgeable about all of them and can assist you in selecting the best material for your particular project. We truly have it all, whether you’re working on an outside project that necessitates waterproofed plywood or an inside one that calls for a fine, high-quality product. We have the largest range of plywood in Corona.

Come to us for:

Tempered Masonite Plywood

Medium Density Overlay Plywood

Fire-Retardant Plywood

Sanded Shop Plywood

Cherry Plywood

Fir Marine Plywood

Fire-Treated Plywood

Oak Plywood

Pre-Finished Baltic Birch

Cabinet-Grade Plywood

Birch Plywood

ACX-DF Plywood

Baltic Birch Plywood

And more!

Give House of Plywood and Paneling a call today at 909-885-4904, or drop by the showroom of our lumber store in Corona!